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Just as electricity turns on a light bulb, electrical signals from your brain control your muscles. This electricity can also be used to control robotic limbs and this station will allow you to try it out for yourself.



Can you teach someone to ride a bicycle simply by explaining it to them? Have you wondered how you learned to walk before you could even talk? Learn about the most common form of learning, procedural learning, and take a look at how phrases like “practice makes perfect” are very true.


The brain is an intricate machine that allows us to experience the world as we know it. Learn what can happen when the components are misplaced.


Does listening to classical music make you smarter? Or can you continue rocking out to your jams? Learn how listening to music can affect your ability to concentrate and the changes it makes to your brain.


Have you ever wondered what a brain looks like? What about all the little components that make things like vision, motor movement, and hearing? Come take a journey through the brains of different mammalian species and hold a brain in your own hands.


Everyday your brain performs millions of different actions, from helping you wake up, allowing you to see, and even just remembering the events of the day. These actions wouldn’t be possible without your neurons! Learn how these little workers communicate behind the scenes to make all the action happen.


Is it a rabbit or a duck? Are the lines straight or crooked? These are the types of questions that are asked when looking at optical illusions. Look at how your eyes can trick your brain and make you see things that aren’t really there.


Why does “practice make perfect?” The brain is constantly correcting itself and adapting to changes in the environment. Prism goggles shift your field of vision, making it hard to do things that are normally easy, but the brain eventually adapts. If at first you don’t succeed...try again.


Do you like dancing? Do you want to make a bug do the jitterbug? Come to the Spikerbox section and watch as music makes the cockroach legs boogie! We'll be using electricity to activate the neurons in the cockroach legs to make them dance to the bass of the music.


Have you wondered how it’s possible to lose your balance? Do you want to watch as people begin to fall while they are standing perfectly still? Take a look at how the vestibular system maintains our balance, and how it can be tricked into believing that right side up is no longer up.


Have you wondered how multiple concussions or injuries to your head affect brain development? Come learn about traumatic brain injury and ways to minimize the injuries because everyone should give their brain some well-needed TLC.


Ever wonder how you can taste a freshly baked cookie by just catching a sweet whiff? Here you’ll get to explore the inner world of your nose and how it creates flavor, combines smells, and detects an extraordinary range of odors.


Is your brain as fit as your body? Try these tests and push your mind to the limit and see if you can outsmart these tests.