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Career Panels

The focus of these events will range from research, medicine and academia related careers to non-MD/PhD careers.


Our panels are  great places to network and gain exposure to future career paths.

Piece of Mind

Piece of Mind strives to address a gap in neuroscience knowledge in the general population. Each Fall, we teach interactive, station-based lessons at a local high school.

All you need is passion, time to volunteer, and the lessons and supplies will be supplied.

In the fall of 2018, we taught at Boston Green Academy.

Student Led Discussions

Student led discussions can be set up as talks, presentations, or even debates and can be centered around a topic you are interested in, want to learn more about, or are currently researching.

Previous discussions have included the Neuroscience of Religion, Neuroscience of Fear, Neuroethics, Video Games and Violence, and  Mental Health and Consciousness.

Miracle Berries

Miracle berries, once eaten, make everything sour taste sweet!

At this event we provide free berries and sour foods for BU students to try.