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Brain Day is a free event that allows members of all ages and backgrounds in the Boston community to explore the wonders of the brain and nervous system. The event is staffed by undergraduates who spend a month preparing their individual stations covering many topics in neuroscience such as structures of the brain through histology, motor learning through mirror drawing, cellular structures through pipestem cleaner and glitter neurons, neuro and comparative anatomy, traumatic brain injury, and more! In addition, a panel of renowned speakers in the field will offer a talk and discussion about their areas of interest and career paths in neuroscience.

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Exciting News!

Congratulations to BRAIN Day 2018 Crowdfunding Campaign!

Our team successfully raised $3,439 from March 3rd, 2017 - April 12th, 2017.

Check out our donor list down below!


Partially Sponsored by the Kohley/Herold Family Fund

Special Thanks to Our Donors:

Zhirui Guan               

William Murphy

Lucia Pastorino         

Jeffrey Kohley

Ronald Herold         

Patrick Connors

Bridget Writt             

Rebecca Salamone

Kristen Brendle   

Pietro Pecora

Isabella Bazante       

Mike Maires

Nanette Tingley       

Tiantian Li

Yue Wang                 

Haoxuan Xu

Hanyu Xue

Lejun Wang

Jacob Dewitz

Ziqing Li

Fengqing Qie

Josh Kelman

Libo Yin

Min Chen

Lejun Wang

Dan Bireley

Xiaopeng Gu

Huijuan Li

Yonghong Xu

Juan Chen

Jingfang Wang

Hua Che


And anonymous donors!

Bingxing Huo

Yajie Zhang

An Li

Jingping Wang

Huiyan Gao

Dahui Qi

Ran Tao

Manshao Yang

Meiyi Cheng


Undergraduate Students:

Tiantian Li,

Erin Ferguson,

Colin Stuart,

Radhika Dhanak,

Natalya Shelchkova,

Martinelli Valcin

Special thanks to our faculty advisors:

Paul Lipton, Shoai Hattori, Lucia Pastorino, Abhinav Prasad


Neuroscience education is important because for everyone, not just scientists, because we should know how to care for and understand the marvels of our brain. Neuroscience is an emerging field. Unfortunately, this means that neuroscience education is under-represented in schools, so if you do not study it in college, the average person has very little exposure other than through pop science. At the event, we look at the truths behind pop science and also share other neuroscience information that could greatly benefit the everyday person. As students interested in neuroscience, we feel that it is important we spread our knowledge, and hopefully contribute to the future of neuroscience by engaging the community in discussions rooted in neuroscience education.


*Donations are now closed*

We greatly appreciate all of the support, check back for future ways to support Brain Day.

Brain day takes a lot of work, planning, and materials to coordinate. We will use the money to expand current stations and create new ones, to help promote and gain greater visibility for the event in the Boston community, and to allow anyone to come to this event by keeping it free. We appreciate donations of all amounts as each gets us one step closer to funding Brain Day and promoting neuroscience education in this wonderful community.  Thank you for your time and support!